Analysis of film extract that influenced my film..

Gone girl





Analysis of Amy’s monologue

Amy narrates the entire scene in a long monologue about Nick and their marriage, what she says has no clear connection to what’s happening in the scenes. However Fincher has very effectively related certain moments from the scene with the dialogue, which makes the scene much more interesting than it would have otherwise been to watch. For instance when she comments on Nick’s affair with “..a newer, younger, bouncier cool girl.” she’s making a bed which has connotations with ‘sleeping’ and therefore ‘sleeping around’, which Nick is doing. A more obvious example of this is her description of different types of female partners whilst she overtakes them on the road, at this point the dialogue is more like a train of thought than the rest of the scene.

The scene alternates intensity constantly during her monologue. It gives this effect in a number of different ways, including Amy’s dialogue being spoken faster, Fincher using multiple abrupt film cuts and the non- diegetic sound becoming more fast paced. Also the non- diegetic sound is constant, not only her voice over but music over that as well, making this scene much more intense and exciting. For example the change in non- diegetic sound when Amy changes topic, emphasising the information she says next. “We were happy pretending to be other people, we were the happiest couple we knew” The majority of what she’s said has been negative, this sudden change to a slightly more positive tone is important to the story line, hence the emphasis put on it.

During her monologue Amy, the smart, posh wife of Nick, swears quite frequently and uses generally vulgar language. At this point in the film the audience have never heard her swear, the audience is learning a huge amount about her with the simple fact she’s kept this language secret from Nick throughout their whole marriage.

The scene ends with the rhetorical question “You think I’d let him destroy me then end up happier than ever?”, the effect of this is the audience now knowing she has a motive for hurting him and leaves them wanting to know what she plans on doing. This scene is significant in this film as it’s the first time we’ve seen Amy since her disappearance, the information she gives is again very important and greatly changes the audience’s view on the situation.


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